Seattle Frontrunners

Board of Directors


Board of Directors

October 2019 through september 2020


David Babcock, President

I work as an IT Infrastructure Designer for Boeing. I design, build, and maintain small and large data centers at the physical wiring level. My favorite memory running was running through the pre-dawn glow over Deception Pass during my second Ragnar. The amazing natural beauty was made more memorable by my being half delerious with pain! My biggest accomplishment was running on the Ragnar 'Fun Team' twice. I actually don't like to run (I find this fact hilarious) so choosing to do this two years in a row was pretty ambitious for me. My last 2 runs in particular were literally excruciating and had me limping for miles. I see my position on the board as a form of service. I had heard the club was in the process of losing several board members and could become understaffed. So when I was asked to consider running for a position I decided I could offer some of my time and effort for the good of the club. I might not like running but I do like this running club and the people in it and so I am happy to help.


Nellie Waddell, Vice President

Hi, I'm Nellie Waddell (she/her). I've been a Seattle Frontrunners member since 2009 and am joining the board as VP mainly to continue my efforts in directing Run/Walk with Pride. I love being involved in RWWP as a way of creating a fun experience, as well as raising money for local LGBT+ causes.

Besides being part of a local community, Frontrunners has also given me the opportunity to attend Gay Games in Cleveland in 2014 and Paris in 2018. Memories that stand out include an International Frontrunners group photo after the 10K in Cleveland and being presented an age group gold medal by France's Minister of Sports and former Olympian Laura Flessel for the 10K in Paris.


Richard Newman, Treasurer

I was born and raised in a small Michigan town with a nice high school track program. At age 18 I did a long bike trip with American Youth Hostels for two months around the UK and central Europe, and decided that some day I wanted to live there. After graduate school and 10 years of teaching at the University of Hawaii I left academe, taking an aerospace related job in Germany, and shortly after, moved to the Seattle area in 1986, after being a part time resident since 1982. In 1983 a small group of us started Seattle Frontrunners. Initially we brought coffee and pastry to Greenlake on Saturday to sit together after our run and socialize. Over the years I have been on and off the Seattle Frontrunner board, the Federation of Gay Games, and International Frontrunners. One thing has always been clear about our organization… We attract people who value health and exercise, being outside with ach other, and sharing the special lifestyle we enjoy as part of our LGBTQ community. Seattle Frontrunners has become recognized as one of the leading Frontrunner clubs in the world. It is my hope to continue to help the club with maintaining the reputation we have developed for being both a wonderful and nurturing social organization and a comfortable challenging home for the dedicated runners and walkers in our community. As a runner who took up race walking I am dedicated to sharing the sport with those interested. Have both run and race walked in many Gay Games over the years, and am passionate about the Gay Games, and race walking as a low impact alternative to running with great aerobic potential. Both Frontrunners and the Gay Games have the potential to be transformative and affirming to all who invest themselves. Being on the board is a rewarding way to give back to a community from which I have much benefited


Gabe Gunnink, secretary

I first met Frontrunners when I attended the Cleveland Gay Games in 2014, and it is not an understatement to say that they have changed my life. Before Frontrunners, I had LGBTQ friends and I had athlete friends, but there was no overlap between the two. Discovering Frontrunners ushered me in to a welcoming, active, and intergenerational queer community that was centered around health and wellness and that gave me a host of friends and role models.

Since then, I have made it a point to join Frontrunners whenever possible. I have now run with over a dozen Frontrunners clubs worldwide and have met incredible people as a result. I love learning more about Frontrunners history, talking race strategy, and hearing why people love to run. I am honored to help continue the legacy of Frontrunners as a Seattle Frontrunners board member, and I am eager to learn how this club can continue to be a welcoming and encouraging place for everyone.

So, if you ever want to discuss Frontrunners history, marathon training, LGBTQ literature, or how I can help this club better serve its diverse members, please just look for the tuft of blonde hair six and a half feet in the air and come chat with me!


Jarrad Baker, At Large

I am originally from Georgetown, Texas and took the opportunity to relocate to Seattle in late 2018. Running with Seattle Frontrunners has been a huge part of my success in Seattle. The Frontrunners is an amazing community of people to socialize and stay fit with. Though I came to athletics late in life it has now become a huge part of my life. I also have a passion for preserving safe spaces for the LGBT+ community and also sit on the board of the Orca Swim Team.


Linda Baker, At Large

Hi, my name is Linda Baker.(her/she) I joined SFR about 13 years ago and have been on the board ever since because I totally support the mission of SFR and love this group and what it offers to our members and to the community at-large. Professionally I am a R.N. with a psychiatric background who, since 1984 have been seeing private hypnotherapy clients and teaching the craft. Recently I have been and am teaching in Japan. As both travel and teaching are passions of mine, this is quite perfect. My favorite walk-around-Greenlake memory is with Paul who told me stories about his adventures with J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh, Scotland. My favorite run memory is running relay races with the SFR Track Team at Gay Games IX in Akron, Ohio. I don't have any big running accomplishments, but my best is winning the bronze for running the GG IX 5K. I'm excited to again be contributing to the board and to be working with so many new and incredible members.


Richard Brown, At Large

I want to thank the membership of Seattle Frontrunners for allowing me to serve as an at-large board member this year. I joined Frontrunners in 2015, and I've continually enjoyed the friendships and companionships that I've experienced through the club. I believe our club is a precious, important, and welcoming resource for the community. As a board member, I hope to help the club to continue to provide athletic and social activities that support all abilities and backgrounds.


Barry Faught, At Large

I (he/him) am the Founder/Owner of Broadcast Coffee Roasters. My favorite running memory was running across Deception Pass at 4:30am, on a Summer Day with the sun just starting to light the sky; the view was surreal, the beauty. My biggest accomplishment was running Boston Marathon in 2018. I want to support the future and stability of the running club that helped elevate me to what I’ve accomplished as a runner.


Linus Fontaine, At Large

Growing up in southern Germany, I didn’t really like sports, and I only started running in my late twenties when some of my colleagues at Expedia in London started a small running group. Since then, I have run many races and enjoyed being outside running.

I joined the Seattle Frontrunners when I moved here from London in November 2017. I had been a member of London Frontrunners, and I still run with them when I go back to visit. Also, when travelling in the US and abroad, I try to run with the local Frontrunners team. In 2018, I competed at the Gay Games in Paris with the Seattle Frontrunners.

Having had such a great welcome at Seattle Frontrunners, I want to give something back by volunteering for the board. I am particularly interested in working on attracting new members, increasing our visibility within and outside of the LGBT+ community, and participating in more races as a club.


Ari Worthman, At Large

I love running. I was that elementary school kid who couldn't do many sit-ups or pull-ups for the Presidential Fitness Tests, but could run circles around the other boys. I ran throughout high school in Northern New Jersey, and then rowed Crew at Haverford College. As much as I loved the tranquility of the water, my favorite practices were always our running days. I've been a member of the Philadelphia Frontrunners where I lived for three years, and ran with the Fort Lauderdale Frontrunners (albeit less consistently) where I lived for seven years.

I moved to Seattle in 2012 and began running with the Seattle Frontrunners shortly afterward. Interestingly, I love running with people, but without conversing: the tread of our feet and the synchronicity of our strides and pacing allows me to feel connected in a way that words don't. I never listen to music when I run; it disrupts my awareness of my breathing and bodily rhythm.

If I'm not running, I'm spending time with my awesome partner. Or doing my day job as a school administrator. Or reading. Or watching The Handmaid's Tale.


James Wright, At Large