Seattle Frontrunners

Board of Directors


Seattle Frontrunners Board of Directors

This is the 2018-2019 Board of Seattle Frontrunners elected by majority vote of the membership in October.


Rueben Otero


My name is Rueben Otero (he/him/flexible). During the work day, I am a 7th Grade English Teacher. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and deeply enjoy the opportunity to teach the future generations. By far my biggest accomplishment running so far is running 4 half marathons last year. Running on our Ragnar Team this last year was by far my favorite memory, as I ran across Deception Pass just as the sun rose. Since moving to Seattle, the Seattle Frontrunners have given me so much and service on the board is my way of giving back. My position on this board helps serve my “Why” of my education career. I believe that exposure of queer people as teachers and athlete is critical to the advancement of queer people in society, and I hope that I can change hearts and minds of people through my service on the board.

Robb Haydon

Vice President

Hello! My name is Robb Haydon, I’m thrilled to be serving this year as Vice President of Seattle Front Runners. Working with Seattle Front Runners is a wonderful opportunity outside my daily work in Finance at Boeing. My big priority this year is our annual Pride Run, it’s a fantastic chance to show off our colors and bring people together. Here’s to a great year ahead, stay safe, and keep moving!


Richard newman


I was born in Pontiac, Michigan.  I left Michigan at 18 to spend summer in Europe.  After that, I attended Michigan State University and University of Hawaii, before teaching in the University of Hawaii system for 10 years.  I lived in Germany for a year.  in 1987, I joined Seattle Frontrunners when moving to Seattle from Honolulu.  In the past I’ve worked with Federation of Gay Games and International Frontrunners. I dnjoy giving back to the Frontrunners organization.  


Linda Baker

Board Member at Large

Hi, my name is Linda Baker.(her/she)  I joined SFR about 13 years ago and have been on the board ever since because I totally support the mission of SFR and love this group and what it offers to our members and to the community at-large. Professionally I am a R.N. with a psychiatric background who, since 1984 have been seeing private hypnotherapy clients and teaching the craft. Recently I have been and am teaching in Japan. As both travel and teaching are passions of mine, this is quite perfect. My favorite walk-around-Greenlake memory is with Paul who told me stories about his adventures with J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh, Scotland. My favorite run memory is running relay races with the SFR Track Team at Gay Games IX in Akron, Ohio. I don't have any  big running accomplishments, but my best is winning the bronze for running the GG IX 5K. I'm excited to again be contributing to the board and to be working with so many new and incredible members.


Richard Brown

Board Member at large

I want to thank the membership of Seattle Frontrunners for allowing me to serve as an at-large board member this year. I joined Frontrunners in 2015, and I've continually enjoyed the friendships and companionships that I've experienced through the club. I believe our club is a precious, important, and welcoming resource for the community. As a board member, I hope to help the club to continue to provide athletic and social activities that support all abilities and backgrounds.  


David babcock


I work as an IT Infrastructure Designer for Boeing.  I design, build, and maintain small and large data centers at the physical wiring level.  My favorite memory running was running through the pre-dawn glow over Deception Pass during my second Ragnar.  The amazing natural beauty was made more memorable by my being half delerious with pain! My biggest accomplishment was running on the Ragnar 'Fun Team' twice.  I actually don't like to run (I find this fact hilarious) so choosing to do this two years in a row was pretty ambitious for me.  My last 2 runs in particular were literally excruciating and had me limping for miles.  I see my position on the board as a form of service.  I had heard the club was in the process of losing several board members and could become understaffed.  So when I was asked to consider running for a position I decided I could offer some of my time and effort for the good of the club.  I might not like running but I do like this running club and the people in it and so I am happy to help.

Barry Faught

Board Member at Large

I (he/him) am the Founder/Owner of Broadcast Coffee Roasters. My favorite running memory was running across Deception Pass at 4:30am, on a Summer Day with the sun just starting to light the sky; the view was surreal, the beauty. My biggest accomplishment was running Boston Marathon in 2018. I want to support the future and stability of the running club that helped elevate me to what I’ve accomplished as a runner.