Outgames Update

Posted: July 27, 2009

We have photos from Copenhagen for your viewing pleasure.


Thursday, July 30th: Today was an amazing day!

400 meter:Kar Fazio - gold
Barbara Mahoney - gold
Minou Karbakhsch - silver
TC Theofelis - bronze
Hank Meuret - bronze
Karl Smith - gold
Brian Giddens - silver
Peter Abell - gold
Bill Etnyre - gold
Hugh Clairmonte - gold
Jorge Hernandez - silver
Charlie Wash - bronze
100 meter:
Kar Fazio - gold
Barbara Mahoney - gold
Karl Smith - gold
Brian Giddens - silver
Rusty Lamar - gold
Woody Dietrich - silver
John King - gold
Jorge Hernandez - gold
Len Tritsch - gold
Hugh Clairmonte - silver
Charlie Walsh - bronze
1500 meter:
Jake Bartholomy - gold
Dan Laster - silver
Chris Breseman - silver
Jeff Graham - gold
4X100 meter:
Kar Fazio - TC Theofelis - Barbara Mahoney - Minou Karbakhsch - silver
Chris Breseman - Ryan Sambila and 2 others - gold
Karl Smith - Brian Ormiston - Brian Giddins - Peter Abell - silver
Charlie Walsh - Jorge Hernandez - Steve Rovig - Hugh Clairmonte - gold
John King, Jerry Lewis, Jeff Graham and Woody Dietrich - gold 
4X400 meter:
Kar Fazio - TC Theofelis - Barbara Mahoney - Minou Karbakhsch - gold
Chris Breseman - Dan Laster - Hank Meuret - John Hinds - silver
Kyle Dinniene - Karl SMith - Steven Steuhling - Jake Bartholomy - silver
Brian Ormiston - Brian Giddens - Karl Smith - Peter Abell - silver
Bill Etnyre -  Bill Flemming - Jeff Graham - Steve Rovig - gold
Charlie Walsh - Jerry Lewis - Hugh Clairmonte - Jorge Hernandez -gold
37 gold in track today, 57 total gold in track!
28 silver today, 32 total silver in track!
4 bronze today, 17 total bronze in track!
(I may not have counted correctly - you may want to double check my numbers!)
After a wonderful day at the track - we all had dinner together to celebrate our dominance at the Copenhagen Outgames! What a team! Len has done an amazing job and all the runners were awesome! Hopefully you will be able to see the races on youtube by the middle of next week! (search for Seattle Frontrunners)

Wednesday, July 29th: Today was a Frontrunners day!

200 meter race: This morning Kar Fazio and Barbara Mahoney won GOLD in their age groups. Minou Karbakhsch took a bronze in her age group. Bill Etnyre, Dean Koga (who is recovering, nicely, after the incident yesterday!), and Hugh Clairmonte were all gold medal winners in their age groups. Jorge Silguero and Woody Dietrich both took silver in their races. Charlie Walsh and Ryan Sambila added a couple of bronze medals to the mix in their 200 meter races.

This afternoon we, again, seemed to make quite a showing in the men's 800 meter races: Jake Bartholomy, Bill Etnyre and Jerry Lewis all took gold in their races. Chris Breseman was a silver medal winner. Steven Stuehling, Kyle Dinniene, Hank Meuret and Peter Abell were all presented with bronze medals for their races.

Total number of medals won:  37.  Everyone is looking forward to tough competition and lots of fun tomorrow!



Statement regarding the incident at Osboro Stadium

Seattle Frontrunners Statement regarding the Outgames track incident

On Tuesday July 28th while preparing to run the 4 x 200 relay event a member of Seattle Frontrunner was injured by an explosive device that was thrown from behind a wall onto the track exploding on impact.  The member was taken to an area hospital with injuries to his right hand and after receiving stitches was subsequently released.  He plans on rejoining his team on the track on Wednesday July 29th

Seattle Frontrunners appreciates the support of the Outgames leadership after the event and the assurance that additional police will be present at the Track and Field events for the duration of the games. 

Even in a perceived “safe city” such as Copenhagen an incident such as this can occur and only increases the importance of being out and proud but also being vigilant for those who want to hurt us.  The forty-member team from Seattle Frontrunner will continue to participate in all events as planned and will not let the incident intimidate us into not running.  The team feels strongly that running is the best way to overcome and triumph over those who planned and carried out this hate crime.

Jon Nicholson

President, Seattle Frontrunners


Tuesday, July 28th: Today we had folks in the 5km race-walk. Patrick Hart and John King took gold for their age groups.


Eve Kolakoski took gold in her age group in the women's 800m run.

Kar Fazio, TC Theopolis, Barbara Mahoney and Minou Karbakhsch took gold in the womens open 4x200.
Kyle, John, Karl and Hank took a bronze in the mens 4x200 (more about this below!)


Incident at Osboro Stadium

Dean Koga plans to return to the track following an incident at Osboro Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. Security has been substantially stepped up after someone threw two explosive devices onto the track from behind a wall. Dean sustained an injury from an embedded piece of plastic to his right hand from flying debris. Police have caught a perpetrator, a 31 year old Dane. No other venues have been affected.

More tough news...

We had two other mens teams in the 4x200 (Peter Able, Jake Bartholomew, Brian Giddins and Brian Ormiston made up one team and Hugh Clairmonte, Charlie Walsh, Jorge Silguero and Steve Rovig made up the second team) who both won the races in their age groups.  The trouble came when they were waiting for the medal ceremoney, and the official said they would not get medals because they had decided that it was not an "official" race so the only medals would be for the first, second and third place teams in the race.  Len was very upset about this last minute change (as were the 8 guys who didn't get their medals!)  

Reported by Kendra Souder and Kyle Dinniene with additional material from Jon Nicholson


Track Team in Copenhagen

Track Team in Copenhagen


Sunday, July 26th: Last night was the opening ceremony and show. The countries all lined up in alphabetical order and pranced across a stage, to thunderous applause! There was an MC, the mayor of Copenhagen spoke, and there was entertainment. For most of us, the highlight was the aerial performers. They were doing tricks on ropes, and at one point, the refrain from a song came on... LOVE, FALLING FROM THE SKY... and all of a sudden, giant raindrops started falling! It could not have been planned better! The searchlights made the raindrops look like diamonds!

Today they had the longer races. There were some problems with the computers so we have no official times but here are the races and participants.  We will give you a list of medal winners Monday or Tuesday.

Marathon: David Bush and Dan Lasiter

Half marathon:  Jon Nicholson

10K: Bill Hammer, Jeff Graham and Eve Kolowski

5K: Brian Giddens, Steve Rovig, Kyle Dinniene, Peter Abel, Kurt Johnson, Jim Miersma, Michael Skroch and Jerry Lewis (I think!)

Reported by: Kendra Souder

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Medals Counts

Phil Brennen 1/2 Marathon
Dan Lasiter Marathon
Jerry Lewis 5K
Curt Johnson 5K
Jeff Graham 10K
Kyle Dinniene 5K
Jon Nicholson 1/2 Marathon
Peter Abel 5K