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Seattle Frontrunner Member Recounts Berlin Marathon Experience

My Berlin Marathon Journey

by Barry Faught

The Berlin Marathon is a super flat, very popular course that attracts the worlds fastest and most talented runners. Because almost all of the entries to the race are a result of a winning lottery submission, it makes the Berlin Marathon one of the toughest marathons to get accepted to. After many unsuccessful entries, my calling to the marathon came on December 1st, 2015, the email read that I was a winner, I was!

Soon after my acceptance I decided that I would train for this marathon to gain entry to the 'crème de la crème' of all marathons, Boston! With the help of the Go Long group, I found a new training program that would suit me and help achieve my goal of a three hour, fifteen minute marathon, the bare minimum needed to qualify for Boston, knowing I needed a buffer of at least two minutes I knew I needed to push myself harder than I ever have.

After months of running 50-70 miles per week, miles of weekly tempo runs, an ultra ragnar over the summer and a personal best half marathon three weeks prior to the race, I was ready physically and mentally. Berlin is a course that is well organized, flat and well supported. The crowd support is energizing and running through the entire city of Berlin is an experience that I’ll never forget.

My official time was 3:10:37, a buffer of well over 4 minutes for The Boston Marathon. Running is a personal sport, but I feel the support of the Seattle Frontrunners Go Long group was paramount to my success.

Thank you!