Seattle Frontrunners



Seattle Frontrunners has a Scholarship Fund to help members who can demonstrate a financial need participate in local, regional, national and international running events. All applicants need to fill out the application form to be considered for scholarship(s). 

The fund can cover the cost of local events up to $250. For events out of the area, the fund will cover up to $500 with the expectation that a scholarship can be in addition to funds that the applicant is paying themselves or is funding through other support.

The applicant must have been a member of Seattle Frontrunners for at least 6 months, and been active in the club during that time through attendance at runs or track training, and/or volunteered and helped out at a Frontrunners event such as a potluck, RWWP, or track meet.

If a member meets these general guidelines and can demonstrate a financial need, they may submit a completed application form for a scholarship to the Finance Committee ( at least 15 days in advance of a local event or 30 days in advance for other events. The Finance Committee will consider multiple factors including need, fund reserves, and likely number of applications in approving as many requests as possible, and respond within 7 days. Members who have volunteered for the club will be given priority.

Scholarship guidelines are subject to change at any time.